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  Webmaster FAQ  
  What is your minimum payout?
The minimum you will have to earn will be $25 per week to receive a check.

When do I get paid?
Payouts are made each Monday for the week ending two Saturdays before.

What name is on the check?
Checks will be issued by CcBill.

I changed my URL or site, do I need to inform you?
No, it doesn't matter.

What is your policy on Spam?
At this time we do not use any mailers. If you are planning on using mailers or any other email related applications, they MUST be CAN Spam compliant! Any complaints that will shown to be not CAN Spam compliant will result in termination from the program without warning.

How Often do You Update Your Site?
Our site is updated weekly with new photos, videos and stories.

I Am From Europe Can I Promote Your Program?
No matter where you are from in the world you can promote our program. We have no banned countries.

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